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The transport industry is worth millions and millions of dollars here in Australia. Our clients purchase their vehicles and equipment but from that proud day on watch them deteriorate and intern devalue.


Laboratory tests prove that Vecdör Clear Nanocoatings for Automotive require 60% less cleaning, have 75% better impact resistance, 476% better solvent resistance, and 45% better abrasion resistance than the closest automotive clear coat competitors.


Using Nano-Clear technology in the architecutre market has proven to have huge benefits and to far exceed expectations in every sector of beach property, residential housing, commercial property and more.


Our nanotechnology based coatings restore original gloss, surface hardness and UV resistance to highly oxidized paint, gel coat and fibreglass surfaces.


Vecdör Dendritic Based Nanocoatings forAerospace were specifically designed to significantly reduce ice adhesion, reduce de-icing maintenance costs, and reduce the coefficient of water drag resistance, thereby decreasing the cost of jet fuel.