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Nano Clear Automotive Protection

Six times harder than paint, Nano-Clear fills the pores of a surface as opposed to breaking it down like cutting and polishing does. It restores colour, gloss and provides extra weather and scratch resistance.

It will not break down or wash away like traditional polishes, boosting the vehicle’s protection and making cleaning 60% easier.

Ask about Nano Clear Automotive Protection

Experienced applicators can come to you to assess and schedule your surface protection. For a free, no obligation quote, call 0418 308 526 today or fill in the form.

Laboratory tests prove that Nano-Clear for Automotive:

  • require 60% less cleaning
  • have 75% better impact resistance
  • have 476% better solvent resistance
  • have 45% better abrasion resistance

than the closest automotive clear coat competitors.

Nanocoatings were specifically designed to extend the lifecycle of surfaces, by producing an extremely scratch resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant, as well as self-cleaning paint surface.

  • High scratch resistance: 4H and up to 6H pencil mark
  • Automotive wheels
  • Excellent weathering
  • Reduce the time to clean & maintain by 60%
  • Produces a high gloss finish: 92
  • High chemical resistance
  • UV Protection of substrate

Nano-Clear for wheels provide long term protection against chipping, scratching, brake-dust adhesion, chemicals, corrosion and weathering.

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