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Nanocoatings for Aerospace were specifically designed to significantly reduce ice adhesion, reduce de-icing maintenance costs, and reduce the coefficient of water drag resistance, thereby decreasing the cost of jet fuel.

Our line of Aerospace coatings have extreme scratch resistance, chip and sand resistance, chemical and UV resistance.

Nanocoatings for aerospace were specifically designed to extend the life of important paint surfaces by producing a high crosslink dense coating surface with multi-functional properties.

Nano-Clear Aerospace 1K & 2K Self-Cleaning clear coats produce a high-gloss and extremely scratch resistant surface that repels ice, grime, dirt, oil, ice and and other surface contaminants. Water droplets roll across a cured clear coated surface picking-up dirt and contaminants leaving behind a clean surface and preventing corrosion and oxidisation.

  • NCI reduces water drag resistance by 50%
  • NCI reduces ice adhesion for safer flights
  • Reduces fuel and de-icing chemical consumption
  • 30 day Skydrol immersion test: Zero gloss loss
  • Restores original color back into faded surfaces
  • Passes Boeing Scratch, Chemical & Rain Erosion
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