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Nano Clear Marine and Boat Protection

Tests performed at Western Michigan University confirm that Nano-Clear nanocoatings reduce water drag resistance by 50%. Nano-Clear is a single component clear coat system that fills the pores and completely covers the worn surface. It cannot be washed or scrubbed off over time like traditional polished – it is a permanent coating that rejuvenates colour and gloss and makes vehicles, boats and other surfaces look like they have just had a new paint job….. a look that lasts 10+ years!

Boat Before Nano Clear

Boat After Nano Clear

Nano Clear Marine and Boat Protection

Experienced applicators can come to you to assess and schedule your marine surface protection. For a free, no obligation quote, call 0418 308 526 today or fill in the form.

Our nanotechnology based coatings restore original gloss, surface hardness and UV resistance to highly oxidised paint, gel coat and fibreglass surfaces.

Nano-Clear® produces a permanent coating surface that will:

  • resist scratching
  • resist chemical and UV rays
  • repelling algae, dirt, oil, grime and and other surface contaminants
  • make cleaning bird droppings and salt spray 50% easier
  • no more polishing and waxing

Nano-Clear® produces a permanent scratch resistant and self-cleaning surface for above and below waterline applications. Nano-Clear® for marine is designed to resist scratching, repel algae and grime, and reduces water drag resistance by 50%.

Water droplets roll across a cured Nano-Clear® surface picking-up dirt and contaminants leaving behind a cleaner surface.

Nano-Clear® produces a high-gloss and extremely scratch resistant surface that repels grime, dirt, oil, ice and and other surface contaminants. Water droplets roll across a cured surface picking-up dirt and contaminants leaving behind a clean surface.

  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning time by 60%
  • Restores original colour & gloss back into boat hull
  • One-component ready-to-spray package
  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • UV Protection of substrate
  • Ultra-high scratch, mar and chip resistance
  • Reduces water drag resistance by 50%
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