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Why Nano-Clear

Nano-Clear surface protectant protects & rejuvenates almost any surface

Nano-Clear is a single component clear coat system that requires no mixing, it is ready to use from the can. Nano-Clear will rejuvenate highly oxidized surfaces to restore colour, provide an extreme high gloss finish and extreme UV protection. Nano-Clear will protect almost any surface providing longevity in the order of well beyond ten years.

Proven to revive and protect fiberglass, paint, plastics, vinyl, aluminium and much more to provide extreme weathering resistance, high scratch resistance, innovative self cleaning properties as well as being chemical and solvent proof for easy maintenance. Covering every aspect of transport, automotive, architecture and marine.

Nano-Clear: Your total solution for protecting your investments.

About Nano-Clear Au Pty Ltd

After years of research and over a decade of refinish experience Chris McLeod realised the country needed something much better than conventional coatings. After applying clear coats available in Australia and seeing the huge benefits to his clients, he searched overseas to find the best available protective clear coat products, which led to the inception of Nano-Clear Au Pty Ltd.

Working alongside Nanovere Technologies in the USA, Chris’ dream came true: in Nano-Clear he had found a product range that had been tested to be dramatically superior over the nearest competitor demonstrating a 53% improvement in scratch resistance and 50-60% decrease in cleaning and surface maintenance. Nano-Clear offers 75% better impact resistance, 476% better chemical resistance and 45% better abraision resistance than the closest automotive clear coat competitor.

Chris’ promise is that we have clear coats that will protect your investment and ensure it’s worth something when you’re finished with it.